Tuesday, July 2, 2013

More Project Life...

I've haven't done much, creatively speaking, for a long while but finally I've managed to make some Project Life pages. Hopefully there will be more soon:)


I've looked around on the Internet for some inspiration and also for material to buy even though I'd like to do most of it myself. I can really recommend a visit to Geralyn's blog In a Creative Bubble. She's so talented and also got a blog shop with a lot of good stuff, like journaling cards. The card with the "Delicious" headline I've used here comes from her collection.
I can  also recommend an app for Ipad I've used a lot recently called Paper by FiftyThree. I've used it mostly as a diary where I can write and draw/paint. It's a lot of fun actually... like this sketch below I made the other day. You can also see that I used one of these diary notes for the birthday cake above.

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Craftcherry said...

BEAUTIFUL! I really love your cake!