Friday, September 24, 2010

Thank you so much for your support:)

Celebrating my birthday a couple of weeks ago, my nephew Wilhelm helped with the presents.
And I got hair at the moment as you can see, not all chemo treatments make you loose the hair.

I'm so very touched by the response I got after my last blog post! Thank you!!! After reading your comments I thought some about how important it is to work with those feelings and thoughts you have about death. All people who know they're going to die soon have them, it's very normal, and being able to put words to them or expressing them in other ways (art, poetry, dance, drama) you can manage them much better. You're mind needs to get it outside yourself and then it's easier to deal with, I hope I make sense here...
Anyway, making that layout felt good for me even though I understand that it can make other people worried.

I'm very fortunate in many ways, I know that. I live in the west in a country with really good medical treatments and hospital care. I've got a caring family and close friends that support me. Yes, I am fortunate indeed.


Lulutoo said...

You still look lovely with no or less hair, Angelica. :) I'm praying for you often. It's not over yet and if it does come to that, then be sure that you know where you're going. Jesus is the "narrow gate" to heaven. Matthew 7:13-14; John 14:1-6 Still, I'm standing with you in hope of your being cured, perhaps even by a miracle. :)

Bintal said...

Dear Angelica,
I don't know you, but I am about your age, and I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like to go through such a difficult time. You are such a brave and couragous person. It's positive thinking that keeps us going. All my best wishes; you are in my thoughts.

Ange said...

I think of you... xoxoxo

v said...

i have been reading your blog from time to time. and it's only now that i learned about your condition. i wish you well, will be praying for you from now on. please keep your faith and remember that prayers work miracles. God bless you, Angelica. :)