Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Wedding Card...

I've been away from my computer for a long while now. Probably not bad at all, although it wasn't by my own free will... Computer troubles hit me hard, but it's all fixed now. I've got a new hard-drive and it all seems to work. I was so lucky that I'd made backups on all important stuff, both on DVD:s and on an external hard-drive.

It took some weeks though before the computer was fixed and back home so I've been doing some hybrid work instead. I've got a laptop with Photoshop Elements so I used that for some parts, but honestly it was no fun scrapping on that small screen, and I missed my Photoshop CS3.

Here's a wedding card I've made with Prima Paintables, my local bookstore had some of them that probably have been lying around for a while as it seems that Prima has stopped producing them, makes me sorry...  I really loved bringing out my watercolors and paint some, it was a while ago since last time.

It's so fun to be back by my big screen that I feel like designing some digi-stuff. Perhaps a freebie later on...


BlueCat said...

This card is beautifully done!
Sometimes, I think that it will be a good thing to stay away from the computer even with troubles.
But it's a good news to read you again. Welcome back.

L said...

Glad you are back online! Sorry about your computer woes and hopefully you'll be good for awhile!

Beautiful card!