Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Royal Wedding Chocolate...

Mm, I love chocolate so I just had to buy this box, celebrating the big event of the year in Sweden; the royal wedding. Our crown princess Victoria is getting married in a couple of weeks, the 19th of June to be precise, and the wedding is all the talk at the moment, media is full of it. Not that I'm especially interested in royalty, but nevertheless it's a historical event so I will watch it on TV. Victoria is also very much loved and respected by us swedes, even by those who want a republic actually. She's an honest and open person, deeply dedicated to her work.

This chocolate box was one of the smaller versions, it would be too dangerous to buy one of the larger ones, LOL, for my weight that is. I also liked the three different kinds of chocolate cream in this box; hazelnut, blueberry and lingonberry. The one with blueberry (and vanilla) was best I think. Hm-mm, it's not much left in the box now...

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LovelyMissKait said...

Hi Angelica,
So good to finally hear from you. I loved your photo book, but I know that your sister and nephews will love it even more! :)
Your Princess Victoria and her husband to be make a dashing couple.
I hope you are doing better health-wise.