Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Finally a Photobook!

I've been working a long time on this book for my sister, 36 pages with my layouts about her two sons; Wilhelm and Edwin... so you can imagine how happy I was the other day when I finally got to see the final result. 

Although I noticed some minor differences in how I perceived the colors on my screen and how it looks in the book, the overall impression is very good and I love the size, 28x28 cm (ca 11 inches), and the binding is great, as you can see in the photos; the book lies flat on the table and you are able to see the whole page, nothing disappears in the middle.

It was difficult to choose the company that would print the book but I think Ifolor was a good choice in the end.
It's a European company which you can find in the Nordic countries; Norway, Sweden and Finland but also in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.


Cerise said...

Congrats on finally getting it finished! It looks fantastic!!

Maiskuli said...

What a gorgeous photobook! I've tried to suggest to Ifolor that they would accept png-files as well as jpgs, think how much easier it would be to make simple layouts if that was possible. And also, I've been dreaming of 12x12 inch book for ages. Have you ever thought of these yourself? Just wondering if encouraging all the scrappers that come to your blog to let Ifolor know what improvements we'd like (I hope I'm not the only one...), since they DO improve the program all the time...
Hoping all is well with you (and apologies for writing in English this time...)