Monday, June 28, 2010

Midsummers Eve...

We (swedes) celebrate our National Day on June the 6th, but Midsummer's Eve is really much more celebrated, this year the 25th of June (last Friday). Children and adults dance around the midsummer's pole, singing all the traditional songs, having a lot of fun...

My nephew Edwin (above) was so tired though that he preferred to sleep on dad's shoulder. His older brother, Wilhelm, disappeared in the dancing crowd with a friend, so I've got no photos of the actual dancing.

But when Wilhelm turned up again he wanted to jump in the "jumping castle" (not quite sure if that is the correct English name for it) and after that he looked like a red tomato, sweat pouring all over his face.

He even had to lay down for a while and rest, his little brother was very concerned....

Edwin played a lot with his new green ball which he won in a contest, it was quite the right size for him.

Credits: Layout Template by Tiff Keetch (freebie here), papers and buttons from "Summer Romance Kit" by Eva Marina (freebie here), flowers from kit "Softer" by Heather T. (freebie here), alpha: "Little Wooden Letters" by Misty Cato (freebie).
Font: DJB JenniferK.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Join a Free Class at JESSICASPRAGUE.COM...

Want to learn more about making hybrid cards? Join Jessica Sprague in "Computer Tricks for Cards"... It's free and registration begins today!

Jessica's site is also celebrating their 3 years with a birthday freebie blog hop, so don't miss out on Friday, June the 18th. 


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Some Cool Freebies...

Sometimes I stumble over some interesting free stuff and want to share my findings... Well, today I happened to visit Lisa Whitney's blog. She used to sell her designs at Scrap Artist but then gave up designing and at the moment she's very generously sharing her work at her blog. I love her stuff, much of her work is handmade and in any case very original. You can find this cool Stamped Alpha and many other freebies on her blog.

Do you use a wacom tablet? Even if you don't, visit Pen scrappers and download Michelle Coleman's (Little Dreamer Designs) beautiful free kit "Wild Hearts". You can then scrap with the kit and enter their contest and win a wacom "Bamboo Craft" tablet, isn't that great?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Beloved Teddybear...

Just look at this shabby teddy bear, so worn... I got him by my parents already in 1962, the year I was born. I couldn't sleep without him, my beloved teddy bear "Kalle". He's got sort of a sad expression I think, I still feel like I should hug him to comfort him, crazy huh?

Credits: Layout template; blog freebie by Timounette. Brown background paper and white paper; Card stock Neutrals by Juno {designs}. Striped paper; Kit Too Cute Boy (blog freebie) by Purple Tulip Designs. Little piece of paper with heart from "a story of friendship add-on" (blog freebie) by Sahlin Studio. Safety pin by FEI stuff. Fonts; Windsong and Walkway Bold.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Royal Wedding Chocolate...

Mm, I love chocolate so I just had to buy this box, celebrating the big event of the year in Sweden; the royal wedding. Our crown princess Victoria is getting married in a couple of weeks, the 19th of June to be precise, and the wedding is all the talk at the moment, media is full of it. Not that I'm especially interested in royalty, but nevertheless it's a historical event so I will watch it on TV. Victoria is also very much loved and respected by us swedes, even by those who want a republic actually. She's an honest and open person, deeply dedicated to her work.

This chocolate box was one of the smaller versions, it would be too dangerous to buy one of the larger ones, LOL, for my weight that is. I also liked the three different kinds of chocolate cream in this box; hazelnut, blueberry and lingonberry. The one with blueberry (and vanilla) was best I think. Hm-mm, it's not much left in the box now...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Finally a Photobook!

I've been working a long time on this book for my sister, 36 pages with my layouts about her two sons; Wilhelm and Edwin... so you can imagine how happy I was the other day when I finally got to see the final result. 

Although I noticed some minor differences in how I perceived the colors on my screen and how it looks in the book, the overall impression is very good and I love the size, 28x28 cm (ca 11 inches), and the binding is great, as you can see in the photos; the book lies flat on the table and you are able to see the whole page, nothing disappears in the middle.

It was difficult to choose the company that would print the book but I think Ifolor was a good choice in the end.
It's a European company which you can find in the Nordic countries; Norway, Sweden and Finland but also in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.