Saturday, April 10, 2010

About Cooking...

I've been thinking a lot lately about the importance of learning as a child or teenager, at school and home, basic cooking. Reading about Jamie Oliver and his new American TV show and watching parts of it on YouTube made me reflect on the subject. I really admire the sincerity in his struggle.

Somehow I've been taking it for granted as we've been taught that for a long time in Swedish schools, even my dad had cooking lessons at school in the late 40s. I'm really grateful for all the lessons I got myself during my school years and the time I spent with my parents, watching them prepare food.
Of course, I do know there are other aspects that matter when it comes to eating healthy but I believe this is an important part anyhow.

We've (swedes in general) imported some really bad eating habits in recent years, all kinds of junk food, but fortunately it's not being served in schools.
I guess a big part of the problem is a stressful life, not having the time or energy to cook yourself...

Credits: Everything from Deca Designs freebie "Letter for Mom" which you can find in the Apprentice Gallery at LittleDreamerDesigns, except photo frame by Katie Pertiet, freebie at Designerdigitals and white paper by Kate F. freebie at her blog. Fonts; Capture It and Jane Austen.