Friday, December 25, 2009

Making a Gingerbread House...

We had a lot of fun making a gingerbread house yesterday... me, DH and my youngest sister who is staying with us over the holidays, that is. It became a fairytale house this year, from the story about Hans and Greta. I bought the parts ready so it was only to glue it all together with sugar frosting. And we decorated with a lot of candy of course.

I know my small nephews will have a blast breaking this house to pieces after Christmas with a hammer (traditionally on the 13th of January when we dance out the Christmas).

Merry Christmas to you all:)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Cold Winter Walk...

Finally we've got some snow where I live, hopefully it will stay until Christmas. Today me and DH took a long walk, enjoying the sunny weather. Though it was really cold, brrrr...

As we've had such cold weather lately, large ice crystals had grown like flakes on the old grass. Really fascinating:)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Making Christmas Cards...

This year I wanted to scrap some Christmas cards, never done that before. And I felt so inspired by Kristina Werner design blog, wow, she make such cute cards, and at the same time clean & simple which I love:) 

But I had a really hard time finding christmassy papers! The local stores in my little hometown had nothing except the patterned paper you can see above on the card. And it was too late to order over the Internet. Sooo, I did my best with what I had at home... I used my new 2" circular punch for the first time ever for a holiday greeting I made in Photoshop and printed out, so it's kind of a hybrid card. Even my scallop border punch came to use.

(I know what you're thinking now, why didn't she print out a digital paper? Well I would have if it is was just a couple of cards I was making but I realised I had to do so many that it was cheaper to buy papers.)

It was so fun that I've already started on a birthday card. Miss Mint's new birthday boogie paper pack that I bought the other day will come to good use. I've probably been bitten by the hybrid card fly, lol.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A little Christmas Gift...

I wish you all a merry Christmas with a little Christmas mini-kit. I've been baking some lately, Christmas cookies and cakes... so I guess that was my inspiration for drawing a baking angel. Sitting on a cloud making the sweetest cookie dough, lol.

I also made a baking angel-sticker which is not on the preview but in the download though and a clipping-mask for your photo so it can fit into the frame. 

Below is a quick layout I made with the mini-kit, a Christmas cookie recipe. The stitches are by Syrin, a freebie from the last issue of DST Insider. You can also find her products at Catscrap, she's got some really great collections of stitches.

I also want to thank all my blog readers, I love reading your comments:) Thank You!

You can download HERE

Update: I've been asked about the font I used on my page, it's called Gruenewald and it's free. You can get it here.
God Jul till dig ocksÄ Maiku:)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mom's latest creative project...

My mom has always loved to create things, even though she's almost 70 and her eyesight isn't the best she still make things like this, an Advent Calendar. Well, she bought the plant but otherwise she made all the boxes and she decorated it herself. I just had to take some photos so I could show you, I thought is was such a great idea, haven't seen an Advent calendar like that before.

The last photo of the Advent Calendar is in daylight, that's why it looks so different. We celebrated 1st of Advent too, Sunday evening. I gathered my family for coffee and Swedish Christmas cakes and cookies; like ginger snaps and saffron cake. We lighted the first candle, it's such an impressive moment, the beginning of all the celebrations of December.