Monday, November 16, 2009

Vintage Photos...

I've blogged before about Jessica Sprague's photo editing class (Photo Editing; frame-ups and special effects) that I attended this summer, it was great; so much fun to learn and a lot of awesome downloads including material from "House of 3". This self-paced class is still available at, at the moment for $25.

Inspired by these lessons I made the photo above in vintage style, you can see the original below. I used one of Pioneer Woman's free action sets, action set 1 which you can find here, to make the vintage look. I used the action called "vintage", but lowered the opacity a bit. There's also a "quick edge burn" I used and "boost". With one of Photoshop's default brushes I made some stars. The font is Chopin Script.

As you can see I worked on the eyes too, to make them pop you can use a couple of different ways but this video tutorial is also great.

Check out Pioneer Woman's action set 2, it's also free:)

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