Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Long time since last post...

Finally summer's here! Yesterday I enjoyed this little piece of cake, really yummy:)
It's two months since my last post, a long time... My cancer started growing again and I've just gone through two periods of radiotherapy and I've also started with a new chemo therapy as the one I've been on these past three years doesn't work any more. So that's what my life has been about lately, living one day at a time and wondering if it's all going to end soon. I still don't know if it's working, have to wait for the next x-ray. Well, that's life... good days and bad days.
Recently I've been feeling better and it feels like I'm getting back my urge to do creative things, that feels so good!
Wishing you all a great summer and all Swedish friends a beautiful Midsummer:)