Friday, March 13, 2009

We have a new fab collab, 20% off for 24 hours!

We have a guest designer for the month of March at twolittlepixels, Lynne-Marie! And she's uploaded some really great stuff, if you're like me and LOVE chocolate you should take a serious look in the shoppe. Lynne-Marie has an awesome kit with that theme, but that's not all....
We also got a fabulous new collab for you too, we call it "Circle of Friends", and you can get it now, for 24 hours, for only AUS $8.80! It's over 170 MB gorgeous stuff to play with. You can find it here.
Below you can see what each of us have designed.
I made a doodle pack, 14 doodles, all hand drawn by me. If it's something I love, it's inviting friends and family over to a cup of coffee (or often cappuccino or coffee latte) and something home baked. Or sit down and chat at a cafe (for hours, lol).

By Sharon [ksharonkdesigns]

By Shen, Creashens.

By Lynne-Marie.

Our creative team has made some awesome layouts too with the kit, even hybrid birthday cards. You can find them in the shoppe and in our gallery at twolittlepixels.
Have a great weekend:)


mel_h said...

hi angelica! the new collab kit looks WONDERFUL! how are you doing? i hope things are going well with you.
sending you much love from a very sunny durban,
mel xxxxxxxxxxx

pc said...

awesome~! congratulation !!!