Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Crazy about cupcakes....

Foto: Bluebox.com

I have to admit I've got a "thing" for cupcakes, well okay, I LOVE cupcakes..... They're so fun to decorate, not that I am some kind of expert on baking cupcakes, I'm only a beginner :)

So when I found these small boxes of lip balm on a Swedish website, www.bluebox.se, I just drooled, LOL. They're only 29 SKR each and for all swedes, you can find them here.
I found them on a lot of American and british websites too, among others http://www.ripeshop.co.uk/ below the headline "toiletries", each at £2.99.
Also http://www.fredflare.com/ have a set of four for $18 though I found a much cheaper set of four lip balms at http://www.prettylikeme.com/ for only $9.99.

There's a lot of blogging going on about cupcakes, a Swedish favourite blogger of mine is Eva Blixman. She's a professional photographer, so her blog is not all about cupcakes. But there's a lot of photos of cupcakes anyway and I have to say they're really works of art! So even if you don't understand Swedish, you can find a lot of eye candy at her blog. You can find her cupcakes here.

And if you have'nt found Bakerella yet you should have a look at her blog too:)

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Vera said...

OMG! These are gorgeous, I gotta check these out although I'm pretty sure they are not available here locally. I love cupcakes too and visit Bakerella all the time :)