Friday, March 27, 2009

A New Collab From Twolittlepixels...

All the designers at Twolittlepixels have teamed up and made this collab together, "Creatively Speaking", over 200 MB digital goodies for you! Beautiful shades of pink and brown.

And it's 20% off for the first 24 hours, so be quick:) You can find it here.

This is my contribution (Designs by Angelica E.)

by Creashens

by [ksharonkdesigns]

by Click Photo LieN

by Pure Scrap

by Ange

by cherpea

by Natasha NaSt Designs

I wish you all a great weekend:)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fascinating Artistic Blog

Lately I seem to stumble upon a lot of interesting websites, this blog by Magic Jelly aka Karena Colquhoun, is so fascinating. She's an australian digital artist and if you're into mixed media and a bit of retro you have to go visit her blog.
I was so inspired by her work...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hundreds of Free Retro Fonts, Clip Art and Photos...

TACK-O-RAMA is the place to go when you're looking for some great, free retro fonts! I stumbled upon this site while looking for a 50s font for a layout and was so delighted with the amount of free fonts, clip art and photos. has retro fonts from the beginning of the last century, like Art Nouveau, with fonts for every decade until the 80s. And the black and white photos and the clip art are free to use on websites.
This is a place I will return to often.

Friday, March 13, 2009

We have a new fab collab, 20% off for 24 hours!

We have a guest designer for the month of March at twolittlepixels, Lynne-Marie! And she's uploaded some really great stuff, if you're like me and LOVE chocolate you should take a serious look in the shoppe. Lynne-Marie has an awesome kit with that theme, but that's not all....
We also got a fabulous new collab for you too, we call it "Circle of Friends", and you can get it now, for 24 hours, for only AUS $8.80! It's over 170 MB gorgeous stuff to play with. You can find it here.
Below you can see what each of us have designed.
I made a doodle pack, 14 doodles, all hand drawn by me. If it's something I love, it's inviting friends and family over to a cup of coffee (or often cappuccino or coffee latte) and something home baked. Or sit down and chat at a cafe (for hours, lol).

By Sharon [ksharonkdesigns]

By Shen, Creashens.

By Lynne-Marie.

Our creative team has made some awesome layouts too with the kit, even hybrid birthday cards. You can find them in the shoppe and in our gallery at twolittlepixels.
Have a great weekend:)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Crazy about cupcakes....


I have to admit I've got a "thing" for cupcakes, well okay, I LOVE cupcakes..... They're so fun to decorate, not that I am some kind of expert on baking cupcakes, I'm only a beginner :)

So when I found these small boxes of lip balm on a Swedish website,, I just drooled, LOL. They're only 29 SKR each and for all swedes, you can find them here.
I found them on a lot of American and british websites too, among others below the headline "toiletries", each at £2.99.
Also have a set of four for $18 though I found a much cheaper set of four lip balms at for only $9.99.

There's a lot of blogging going on about cupcakes, a Swedish favourite blogger of mine is Eva Blixman. She's a professional photographer, so her blog is not all about cupcakes. But there's a lot of photos of cupcakes anyway and I have to say they're really works of art! So even if you don't understand Swedish, you can find a lot of eye candy at her blog. You can find her cupcakes here.

And if you have'nt found Bakerella yet you should have a look at her blog too:)

Monday, March 9, 2009

A little freebie from a bad, bad blogger...

Oh, I'm such a bad blogger :(
I haven't posted anything since the beginning of February! So I whipped up a little freebie for you as an apology, some papers I made a while ago when I did the layout below. The word art and those small hearts comes from Creashens wonderful element pack "Rewind 2008 Decorated word art" which you can find here.

At the moment I'm working on a collab, you'll find it at twolittlepixels at the end of this month, so it's still very secret. Collabs are really fun actually, it's so inspiring to work together with other designers using the same theme and color swatch.

And here comes the freebie, rather bright colors. If I get the time I'll do some elements too that matches the papers. Any suggestions? Well, we'll see...

You can download here