Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Little Christmas Freebie...

It's just a couple of days until Christmas and it's a busy time for most people. There's a lot of things to do, preparing for the celebration. Some things are so boring, like cleaning the house. But there are fun things too...

I made this little house today and it was really fun, until I tried to put the roof on. It just wanted to slide down, lol. Finally the sugar icing dried and now I think it will stay in place. I usually use melted sugar in a frying pan for this, it holds much better, but I always succeed to burn my hands so this year I used thick sugar icing instead. And the pieces of the house I bought ready made, made it much easier.

I made a little Christmas freebie too, just two hand painted watercolor frames and a painted background. You can download it here.

I wish you all Happy Holidays:)

Friday, December 12, 2008

New Lucia Freebie...

(Included are 3 papers, 1 photo frame in several versions, 1 large frame in several versions, 4 doodles and 1 word art in several versions. It is NOT a quick page!)

I realized the other day that people are still downloading my Lucia freebie from last year, and I felt so embarrassed, lol... as when I looked inside the kit I saw all the flaws, I think I've learned some things since then. Actually I painted those doodles with the mouse in Photoshop, have you ever tried painting with the mouse, rather difficult I'd say. Nowadays I draw and paint either by hand on paper and then scan or with my wacom tablet in Illustrator. The doodles in this new Lucia kit are made in Illustrator, so no stray pixels this time.
All elements are not shown on the preview, I've made several versions of the word art and the frames.
For Norwegian and Danish scrappers; there's a png-file with just "Sankta Lucia" so that you can make your own word art as I don't know the lyrics of the songs you sing while celebrating Lucia.
In Swedish: Hoppas att ni kan få användning av det här Lucia kitet, allt som ingår syns inte på bilden, jag har gjort flera versioner av wordarten och ramarna. Jag önskar er alla en trevlig Lucia helg:)
For all of you that are new to "Lucia", you can read about St Lucy here. We're celebrating her tomorrow, Saturday the 13th of December, with gingersnaps and saffron buns and a lot of beautiful traditional Lucia songs. She lights up December for us, it's so dark right now here in Sweden.
You can download here. Have a great weekend:)

Friday, December 5, 2008

New glitter swirls and a little freebie...

Finally Friday and a new product in the shoppe, a pack of glitter swirls this time. I've been working in Illustrator for a little while now and made some swirls there, and a flower overlay. As it's almost Christmas I thought a little bit of glitter would be fun...
You can find it here at twolittlepixels.
Don't forget that you can change to US $ or to European € even though the default currency is AUS $...

And here's a little something for all my loyal blog-readers, a glitter freebie (3 glitter frames and 1 paper) you can download here.
Have a GREAT weekend:)