Saturday, November 22, 2008

Making photos look old in Photoshop...

This is a photo from my vacation this summer, some old fisherman's cabins by the sea. I wanted to make an old-looking sepia photo of it and found a very interesting tutorial in a Swedish magazine that I partly used, the result is below. I'm not especially good at making tutorials but I will have a try here to describe how I made this.

There are of course many ways to do this in Photoshop so this is just one way, where you concentrate on the dark areas in the photo.

At first I made the photo black & white, in my case I used the green filter preset in Photoshop CS3. (You can click on the screenshots to have a better look at them.)

Then I clicked on the channels folder in the layers palette, as you can see on the screenshot below . Press Ctrl and click with the mouse on the RGB thumbnail at the same time, (by the red arrow at the screenshot below) There will now be marching ants around all the light areas of the photo.

But it's the dark areas we want to work with, so go to select in the menu and choose inverse (or Shift+Ctrl+I). Now the dark areas are selected.

Go down to the layers palette again and create a new fill layer, choose solid color.

You can now choose a color of your liking, I chose a brown tone as you can see.

It looks a bit funny now, but choose a blending mode, multiply or overlay work well.
I choose multiply here and kept the opacity 100%, but you can decrease it if you want.

Then I opened a texture and placed it over the photo. There are a lot of free textures you can download on the Webb. Test different blending modes, like overlay which I used here, and change the opacity until you are pleased with the result.

Well, that's it:)

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Cindyrelly said...

Hi Angelica ;) How are you doing? I finally remembered to sit down and go to the store. I bought all your stuff I don't already have and am definitely making a LO since what is the point of having all the graphics? Oh, and thanks for reminding me to convert to U.S. this time :) I have to download now but just wanted to say HELLO! {{{Big Hug}}} Cindy
Oh, BTW... Great Tutorial... I must try it and if I can find the photo I took of an old barn in Tennesssee the Summer before last on vacation then that is what I will use :))