Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Sale!

It's Black Friday and twolittlepixels is having a big sale! So come and have a look, and don't forget to visit Sharon's blog Artistic Musings for a look on the new products of this week, some gorgeous stuff I promise:) And perhaps a freebie also?

From now on you can also choose among three currencies, AUS $, US$ and European €.... Ah, why are we still using Swedish Kronor over here, we've lost a lot on that since the financial crisis began. I want EURO! LOL...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Making photos look old in Photoshop...

This is a photo from my vacation this summer, some old fisherman's cabins by the sea. I wanted to make an old-looking sepia photo of it and found a very interesting tutorial in a Swedish magazine that I partly used, the result is below. I'm not especially good at making tutorials but I will have a try here to describe how I made this.

There are of course many ways to do this in Photoshop so this is just one way, where you concentrate on the dark areas in the photo.

At first I made the photo black & white, in my case I used the green filter preset in Photoshop CS3. (You can click on the screenshots to have a better look at them.)

Then I clicked on the channels folder in the layers palette, as you can see on the screenshot below . Press Ctrl and click with the mouse on the RGB thumbnail at the same time, (by the red arrow at the screenshot below) There will now be marching ants around all the light areas of the photo.

But it's the dark areas we want to work with, so go to select in the menu and choose inverse (or Shift+Ctrl+I). Now the dark areas are selected.

Go down to the layers palette again and create a new fill layer, choose solid color.

You can now choose a color of your liking, I chose a brown tone as you can see.

It looks a bit funny now, but choose a blending mode, multiply or overlay work well.
I choose multiply here and kept the opacity 100%, but you can decrease it if you want.

Then I opened a texture and placed it over the photo. There are a lot of free textures you can download on the Webb. Test different blending modes, like overlay which I used here, and change the opacity until you are pleased with the result.

Well, that's it:)

Friday, November 21, 2008

At the beach...

I've been playing all day with [ksharonkdesigns] new "Beach Play Kit". You can find it here.
It's Friday again and twolittlepixels got some new goodies in the shoppe, we've got a new designer too, the famous Leiko Beck, yes it's true!!! She's got a new gorgeous alpha in the shoppe... And Creashens got a new awesome Christmas kit, in lovely pastel colors. There are so many new products every week now it's best you have a look yourself in the shoppe, we're 10 designers at the moment!

Sharon's kit is so fun to play with, it may be winter up here in the north but I've got some photo's from this summer that I wanted to scrap for a Christmas gift I'm doing for my sister, so I hope she doesn't read my blog, lol.

Credits: Everything from the new kit "Beach Play" by [ksharonkdesigns] at except the staples, from the kit Something Springy by Anna Aspnes, (the kit is still a freebie at Shutterfly's blog). Fonts: Century Gothic and Rage Italic LET.

This week went by so fast, sort of surprise that it's already Friday. At the moment it's snowing outside (despite all the talk of summer and play at the beach, lol) and in a while my nephew's will come and we've decided that we're going to bake ginger snaps, can it be more christmassy? I know, it's only November, but we're longing for Christmas:)
Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday, and a new Doodle Pack...

Finally Friday and this week I've got a new doodle pack; Sleepy Doodles, in the shoppe at twolittlepixels. You can find it here....

Don't forget that you can change the currency from AUS $ to US $ in the shoppe!

All 12 doodles are hand drawn and hand painted by me. And if you like the background paper, you can download it from my blog, look below "My freebies", Lucia kit. I made it last year, but I thought it looked good with my new doodles, a typical Swedish winter sky, lol.

Twolittlepixels creative team has been playing with these, have a look at these stunning pages...

Layout by Suzanne, Kaitlyn.

Layout by Jodie, A little peek.

Layout by Alissa, Little fingers.

So much has been happening these last few weeks at twolittlepixels, 3 new designers joined last week, Emily Giovanni, Pure Scrap and Natasha NaSt Designs. And this week Click Photo Designs by Lien and Opal Scraps.

Jump over to Sharon's blog, Artistic Musings, to have a look at all the new exciting stuff from these designers. and as it's Friday Sharon has a gorgeous freebie too. Hurry over and grab it before it's to late. But STOP, I almost forgot to tell you about our new open gallery, where YOU can show your own beautiful pages with designs from twolittlepixels. We would love to see how you use it!

Have a great weekend:)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Vintage Minikit Freebie...

I've had this little vintagekit laying on my harddisk for a long time now, I made it for some of my own family photos from the 20:ies. But perhaps there is someone who it can be useful for, so if you want it you can download here.

Below is one layout I made using it.

Credits: Layout template by Micheline Martin (blogfreebie, no longer available) paper and elements from my vintage minikit. Font: Isla Bella (