Monday, October 6, 2008

A Beautiful Autumn Wedding...

Credits: Paper from Downunder Minikit (freebie), stitching's and ribbon from Fresh kit by [ksharonkdesigns] at Word Art from kit Fallback by Creashens at Leaf doodles from A Walk in the Woods Doodles by Angelica E. also at Font: 1942.

My cousin got married this Saturday and it was such a beautiful wedding that I wanted to share the photos with you. It was a double wedding, two couples, the grooms are brothers. And my cousins oldest daughter, Olivia, is blowing bubbles in the photo as you can see, actually we were all doing that, quite fun... so no rice to throw.

My cousins youngest, Elsa, looked so tired, it must have been all the action in the church I guess.

Credits: Paper from Downunder mini kit (freebie) by [ksharonkdesigns].

Elsa thought the wedding ceremony was rather boring so she made a thorough investigation of the church instead, made a big candle fall with a crash and made us all laugh. So it was definitely not a stiff wedding:)

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tempus fugit said...

What a BEAUTIFUL Lo! Your doddles are just cute - love them :)
And thank you for the hint to Yearbook-Yourself, that was great fun and the result is on my blog...
Love and hugs