Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Handpainted tableware...

Very popular these days in Sweden are this hand painted tableware from Rice, a danish company selling fun and trendy designed stuff; tableware, handbags, kitchen tools and much, much more.

I love the soft colours and the rustic feeling, and it's lovely hand painted, made in Italy.

I can really see this in my kitchen, lol.

Friday I'll have a new doodle-pack in the shoppe at twolittlepixels, and a little freebie for you here on my blog, see you then:)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Stones, stones and some more stones...

I told you I was going to enjoy long walks by the shores of Öland, collecting stones and... no, I'm not the artist behind this pile of stones, lol. I lost track of how many formations like this I found during our one week stay at this stony island. This is just the one I chose to aim my camera at.
Anyway, we, hubby and I, have had a GREAT week, even the weather gods must have been with us as you can see from the photos. And I found a wonderful cafe, they even roasted their own coffee and sold bread baked in a stone oven. We tested a lot of different kinds of bread, with dried tomatoes and basilica, honey and salt, bread with dried fruits and a sour dough bread with rosemary... shouldn't forget to mention their cakes and cookies. Lemon pies and chocolate cakes with cherries, cheesecakes and the list can go on and on, we had to go there several times...
On to some other things, believe it or not, I received a blog award! I'm so surprised and honoured that fellow designer Mel Hains, from South Africa, wanted me to have this, thank you so much Mel! (She's got some really lovely freebies on her blog...)

It also means I've been tagged, I'm supposed to give this award to 5/6 other people by visiting their blogs and tagging them, then I have to answer some questions.
As I have some trouble choosing between all the inspiring digi-blogs I visit now and then, I've decided to send out a big {{{{hug}}}} to all the GREAT blogger out there who share so generously with us all, both through beautiful freebies or/and by being great sources of inspiration and new ideas. All blogs on my bloglist deserves this award, so consider yourselves chosen...
But I will answer the questions of course;
Ten years ago;
Hm, that's 1998... an important year for me as I met my hubby in the summer that year. My sister decided to have a dinner party and invited me and some friends, and some friends of her hubby that I didn't know before. What can I say, it was instant love. Two weeks later we were a couple, living together and in 1999 we got married.
Five things in today's "to do" list;
Boring stuff; 1) do the laundry (one week vacation is enough), 2) water all my plants, 3) oh god, have to fill the refrigerator, its empty, 4) have to cook dinner, 5) check 20 or so emails... When will I have time for some designing???
Snacks I enjoy;
I love Greek salad, but that's no snack I guess... roasted cashew nuts or soybeans, dipping vegetables in a good sauce, like hummus for example. A half zucchini in the oven covered with a mixture of Feta (Greek cheese) and creme fraiche until its golden. Green asparagus with roasted pine nuts and Parmesan cheese on top. Prosciutto di Parma in rolls filled with Philly cheese, dried tomatoes and basilica, Salad Caprese; tomatoes, basilica and mozzarella. Sorry, I got carried away, can you guess I'm very, very hungry, LOL...

Now I have to cook dinner, before I start eating on the computer...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Yippee, I'm going on vacation...

Finally its time for a vacation, DH and I are going to an island in the Baltic sea, Öland. I'm so looking forward to this. I love to walk along the shore, watching the waves roll in, the smell of the sea and searching for some nice stones. Hopefully I will get some good photos too, we'll see.

Thank you so much for all the sweet comments, they made me so happy:)
Probably I need a week of vacation to calm down after all the excitement. I've got a long list of new ideas that I will work on when I get home.

Finally just a photo to show you how I worked with the rose, that later became yesterdays freebie. Have a great week:)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Exciting News!!!!

I'm so excited, I've just started designing at Twolittlepixels!!!! I've been a fan of Sharon [ksharonkdesigns] and her beautiful and elegant designs for a long time now so you can imagine how happy I was when she asked me to join the team at Twolittlepixels!!!

And we have the most talented creative team you can imagine, their layouts are stunning. Jump over to Sharons blog,
Artistic Musings, and see for yourself.

So if you like my flower doodles I have two new products for you in the
shoppe, you can see them above.
Two packages of doodles, they all come in two versions, with and without a white edge. (Drop shadows are for preview purposes only)

And for all my blog readers I've got a little add-on (it's very tiny 'cause I made it today, I rushed out in the garden and quickly grabbed a rose, and then back inside to do some drawing...)

So you see, there will still be freebies on my blog...
Wish you all a GREAT Friday evening:) You can download here

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mamma Mia, the movie...

It's a lot of talk about Mamma Mia, the movie, these days here in Sweden. I've just watched the trailer on the official Mamma Mia website, looks like a rather fun movie so I think I have to go and see this one. You can watch the trailer here.
I got really nostalgic listening to the old ABBA-songs, I like most of them but then, in the 70ies, you listened on them secretly. It was considered bad taste liking ABBA and their music, at least here in Sweden.
This has nothing to do with digital scrapbooking, lol, I know. Just wanted to pop in here to tell you about the movie, if you hadn't heard about it. Have a great day:)