Thursday, June 26, 2008

Some doodle-inspiration...

I recently found some beautiful layouts with my Happy doodles and Summer doodles, the three first here I found over at DST layout gallery. I thought it could be fun with some inspiration...

The first layout is by "Carlotabrazil", titled Love.

See full credits here
Next layout is by "dst212" and is titled "Being a Mother"

See full credits here

This layout is by Victoria and is titled "Isabell".

See full credits here

Next layout is by Erika H., titled "Flowergirl"

You can also see it on her own blog, here

The last layout is by "Idrag2004" and titled "So Happy"

See full credit at Digital Candy Gallery here

Feeling inspired? Then please give them some love if you visit them...


Erika H. said...

Thanks for showcasing my page. I love your doodles!

kyndal said...

you are a very talented woman! i really love all that you do. thank you!

pc said...

awesome, truly inspired~! thanks for showcasing ^^.

i haven't been blogging & hopping around too. wanted badly to learn the skill you post earlier, but... still waiting hubby to fix my pc/programs to be faster n better :D.

i thank you for dropping by & leave love in my blog, it gives me a huge motivation~.


Victoria said...

I was so surprised and happy to see my "Isabell" layout on your site! I love your doodle art and it was the perfect, happy, compliment for the photo of my beautiful niece! Thank you, again! You are so generous! :)

verabear said...

Those are all gorgeous layouts but your doodles are really so beautiful!