Monday, June 30, 2008

So much fun...

Thank you so much for all your sweet comments about my doodles, I love to read them... I would love to see some layouts too, if you have any to share.

I'm really tired at the moment, and it's totally my own fault. I got to bed very, very late. In the middle of the night actually, lol. But I had so much fun, playing with some of Christina Renées designs. I just couldn't stop until it was finished. Above is the final layout, with me as "Little Red Riding Hood". I think I mixed up the story a bit though, "Three Little Pigs" sort of got mixed into it, with that fun little song about not being afraid of the big, bad wolf.

The inspiration came from a layout I saw at, I made a scraplift from a layout by "Nevache", called "Childhood in the 60's". She's a very talented scrapper and her layouts at DST are totally awesome.

Christina Renee has a lot of great free stuff on her blog, Authentic Artistry, so go check it out, you can find the blog on my bloglist. And those "sceneries" and "fantasie ornates"'s of hers are so inspiring, have a look in her shop.

I think I have to get some coffee now, DH came home with a strawberry cake with whipped cream, lots of calories but very tasty, yummy:)

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tempus fugit said...

Hi Angelica! This is a really stunning layout! And so cute!! Thank you for sharing your ideas with us - I have to check immediatly my old photos for something like it ;)
Love, Doris