Monday, June 30, 2008

So much fun...

Thank you so much for all your sweet comments about my doodles, I love to read them... I would love to see some layouts too, if you have any to share.

I'm really tired at the moment, and it's totally my own fault. I got to bed very, very late. In the middle of the night actually, lol. But I had so much fun, playing with some of Christina Renées designs. I just couldn't stop until it was finished. Above is the final layout, with me as "Little Red Riding Hood". I think I mixed up the story a bit though, "Three Little Pigs" sort of got mixed into it, with that fun little song about not being afraid of the big, bad wolf.

The inspiration came from a layout I saw at, I made a scraplift from a layout by "Nevache", called "Childhood in the 60's". She's a very talented scrapper and her layouts at DST are totally awesome.

Christina Renee has a lot of great free stuff on her blog, Authentic Artistry, so go check it out, you can find the blog on my bloglist. And those "sceneries" and "fantasie ornates"'s of hers are so inspiring, have a look in her shop.

I think I have to get some coffee now, DH came home with a strawberry cake with whipped cream, lots of calories but very tasty, yummy:)

Friday, June 27, 2008

The summer-doodles, revised...

I've made a second version of my "Summer Doodles", as I sort of missed the white edge that my "Happy Doodles" have. In this version they all have this white edge, with and without shadow. I also made a new backgroundpaper that I wanted to look like a forest.
In my layout above, I blended in a photo of my nephew Wilhelm and his aunt, my youngest sister. (He's giving her a secret letter, no one else was allowed to see it, lol.)

You can download here ... I wish you all a relaxing weekend:)

(I have to tell you that it's not a quickpage, I'm sorry if my preview has missled you. It's 8 flowerdoodles, 4 leafdoodles, with and without shadow, and one backgroundpaper)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Some doodle-inspiration...

I recently found some beautiful layouts with my Happy doodles and Summer doodles, the three first here I found over at DST layout gallery. I thought it could be fun with some inspiration...

The first layout is by "Carlotabrazil", titled Love.

See full credits here
Next layout is by "dst212" and is titled "Being a Mother"

See full credits here

This layout is by Victoria and is titled "Isabell".

See full credits here

Next layout is by Erika H., titled "Flowergirl"

You can also see it on her own blog, here

The last layout is by "Idrag2004" and titled "So Happy"

See full credit at Digital Candy Gallery here

Feeling inspired? Then please give them some love if you visit them...

Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm a bad, bad blogger...

Yeah, I am... I haven't posted for a long time now. It's just that there's not been much to say lately, it's been midsummer's eve, greatly celebrated in Sweden and... lol, so many excuses, I'm bad am I not? But I'm working on a kit, vintage-style but not the usual colors though. Hopefully it will be ready in the weekend.

I have been scrapping some, yesterday, I was so inspired by a layout Misty Cato showed on her blog, that she found at DST. You can see it here. So I made a scrap lift. I fell in love with the Lace Card Stock by Madame Mim (Catscrap), so I had to rush and buy that, lol. Funny, I shop in a lot of different digi-stores but if I had to choose one it would be Catscrap, I love everything there!!!
The layout below is about my youngest sister, Linnéa. She's an intellectual, deep thinking personality and not always so talkative, but so warm and caring and with a lot of wise things to say when you need advice. And most of all, a good listener. I love her dearly, not only because she is my sister.
Have a nice evening:)

Backgroundpaper by Catrine (Explore Solids - Nature, Catscrap), flowers, leafs, stitches and bird by Katie Hadfield (Come out and play, Catscrap), button by Birgit (Tiny, blogfreebie at Catscrap), Lace Cardstock by Madame Mim (Letters and Numbers, Catscrap), greenblue paper by Birgit (Rosetree, blogfreebie at Catscrap), dotstamp, recolored, by Mossa (blogfreebie at Catscrap) damaskpaper by britt-ish designs (Just Married Add-on, blogfreebie) font; Journal.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In Grandma´s Secret Garden...

First of all, thank you for all your sweet comments on my "Summer Doodles", I find it fascinating that some small doodled flowers can be so popular and downloaded so many times. But I love to doodle so I'm thinking of making some more, perhaps not flowers this time though.

Me and my family celebrated my youngest sisters birthday the other day in my mom's garden, she's got this party-tent, or what you call it... So naturally I tried to get some good shots, photos that is, but when I looked at them afterwards, god, was I disappointed. But with some great photo shop actions I managed to rescue some of them. Natasha Whiteley's wonderful actions (freebies) that you can find at the DSSA {the blog} and Taylor Made Harsh Contrast-actions (4 ) that you can find as a freebie right now at Oscraps, helped me a lot. I really thought that especially Taylor Made's washed out action was cool.

Wilhelm found Grandma's wind bell (don't know the right name for it?) and tried his best to wake the dead, LOL. Grandma got several of these in her garden, guess she wants the peace of a Buddhist temple... Anyhow, you get the feeling you're in Tibet. I used N Whiteley's Contrastpopncolour-action on these two photos.

The Birthday child, well not so much child anymore, she's 26. She popped out of a really dark photo with the help of Taylor Made's color action. She's showing off my scrapped birthday card, that disappeared though through the action, LOL, you can't get everything right...

My dear sister and her little son, Edwin, looks really sophisticated with the help of Taylor Mades washed out action. Great stuff... She's trying to get some of my cake while taking care of a very lively son. That's why she's so thin, LOL.

Edwin, is in the age where he really appreciates Grandma's garden, it's kind of a jungle for him I guess. So much to investigate and discover. (N Whiteley's contrastpopncolour-action again.)

It was a lovely day in Grandma's secret garden...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Some handdrawn doodles...

I've really enjoyed the lovely summerweather this weekend, it's so beautiful right now in Sweden. Its so green and full of flowers, soon it will be midsummer... so I've been drawing some doodles again, inspired by the rich colors of nature.

Included in the "Summerdoodles" are 1 paper, 1 frame, with and without shadow, 8 flowerdoodles and 4 leafdoodles. You can download here