Monday, January 28, 2008

January by lake Vättern....

It's not much of a winter where I live, yesterday DH and I took a walk and look at the photos I took... looks like autumn, doesn't it? It was blowing rather cold but no snow and birds were singing in the trees as if it was spring. But we enjoyed the nice weather, swedes are crazy for the sun, LOL...

An old kit comes back...

I've just removed my kit "Joyful" from my blog today, it's been up for a week now but I'm not entirely pleased with the elements of the kit so I want to revise it a bit. But it will probably soon be up for downloading again, in a week or two.

I got a request the other day for an old kit of mine, "September Glow", that I designed for the September color challenge at DSO. It feels a bit strange with a septemberkit in january, but okay, why not...

You can download here:

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Want to have some fun?

Go and check out Christina Renée's blog "Authentic Artistry" and make your own art gallery. There is a freebie to download, different backgrounds, frames and brushes (stand, vase etc.).

I had lots of fun doing my own art gallery with paintings of Marc Chagall, who is one of my favourite artists, among others. So this is my version, but I couldn't decide which background to choose, so I show both, LOL....

Credits: Art Gallery freebie by Christina Renée, elements from Art fusion by Christina Renée, Archive by Studio Lorie, My Lady by Madame Mim, Bithday Contribution by Verena Karolyi and the 50:ies lady is from an old magazine of mine.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Have you read the january issue of Digital Artist Magazine?

Well, you should... I'm bursting with inspiration after reading it, about 150 pages of stunning LO:s, fascinating articles, one about brazilian scrappers that was so interesting, and great tutorials. AND a beutiful kit by Shannon Carlsson for downloading, "Winter Illusion". All this for only $6!!!! So cheap. It's in form of a PDF-file (Adobe Reader).

You can buy it here.

I'm working on a new minikit, but it is a slow process, sigh..., I've deleted a lot today. Finally I began scrapping instead, inspired by the beautiful layouts of the magazine.

Hopefully I will finish the minikit in a couple of days.

Credits: Backgroundpaper; Weathered backgrounds, leaves, flower and ribbon from Natures Glow (freebie). Big glitterswirl, glitterflower from Chloes treasures, all by "Paint the Moon", Oscraps. Alpha; Alpha links Pauline and Cardboardswirls by Catrine, Catscrap. Little Glitterswirl, kit "Angelic" by Milla, Catscrap. Font: Black Jack. For the photo I've used Lomo-action by A2D.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Look what these talented scrappers have done...

When you have designed something it's so fun to see how it's used, sometimes in ways you couldn't imagine when you made it. So have a look at these talented scrappers beautiful layouts and be inspired! I am anyway...

First is a layout by Erika H. from Wisconsin, USA. I love the soft colors of her papers that looks so good with the doodles, and the photos of her daughter painting.

You can visit her blog here

Next comes a LO by Mariana Barros that she shows in the Gotta Pixel Gallery. A really artistic LO, so beautiful, just as the title says....

And the last LO is by Birgit, Germany. She has been inspired by my preview of the Happy Doodles. I love the titlework, so cute, and what a sweet dog....

Visit Birgits blog here

Monday, January 14, 2008

Thank you for all your wonderful comments...

Well, I never thought that my doodle-freebie would be downloaded so many times (over 1700 right now) and that so many of you would give me such nice comments, but it makes me feel really good, thats for sure, lol.

I want to send you all a big thank you for taking time to comment,
{{{hugs from me}}}.

Credits: Paper, stitches and doodle by me. Alpha by

Mindy, stamped set 1. You can get the alpha here

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A freebie full of Happy Doodles...

So it's 2008 now, takes time to get used to. I haven't been blogging for almost two weeks now, it seems like everything I design looks boring these days. But yesterday I felt inspired as I abandoned my computer and began drawing doodles, it was so fun that I had to do lots of them, flowers, leafs and flowerstems. My table is full of them so I think I have to do some paperscrapping soon, have to buy some backgroundpapers too.

But these, 19 of them, I've scanned and extracted and I've also put in one frame in the kit, with and without shadow, and a craftspaper. The doodles are all handdrawn, handpainted and handcut by me. So I hope you like them and I would love to see your LO:s if you use them. Just leave me a note with the webside and tell me if it's okay to show it here on my blog...

(And no, the photo is not included, and yes, it is Egeskov castle in Denmark as someone guessed. DH and I visited the castle last summer, a lovely place.)

You can download here