Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Little Christmas Freebie...

It's just a couple of days until Christmas and it's a busy time for most people. There's a lot of things to do, preparing for the celebration. Some things are so boring, like cleaning the house. But there are fun things too...

I made this little house today and it was really fun, until I tried to put the roof on. It just wanted to slide down, lol. Finally the sugar icing dried and now I think it will stay in place. I usually use melted sugar in a frying pan for this, it holds much better, but I always succeed to burn my hands so this year I used thick sugar icing instead. And the pieces of the house I bought ready made, made it much easier.

I made a little Christmas freebie too, just two hand painted watercolor frames and a painted background. You can download it here.

I wish you all Happy Holidays:)

Friday, December 12, 2008

New Lucia Freebie...

(Included are 3 papers, 1 photo frame in several versions, 1 large frame in several versions, 4 doodles and 1 word art in several versions. It is NOT a quick page!)

I realized the other day that people are still downloading my Lucia freebie from last year, and I felt so embarrassed, lol... as when I looked inside the kit I saw all the flaws, I think I've learned some things since then. Actually I painted those doodles with the mouse in Photoshop, have you ever tried painting with the mouse, rather difficult I'd say. Nowadays I draw and paint either by hand on paper and then scan or with my wacom tablet in Illustrator. The doodles in this new Lucia kit are made in Illustrator, so no stray pixels this time.
All elements are not shown on the preview, I've made several versions of the word art and the frames.
For Norwegian and Danish scrappers; there's a png-file with just "Sankta Lucia" so that you can make your own word art as I don't know the lyrics of the songs you sing while celebrating Lucia.
In Swedish: Hoppas att ni kan få användning av det här Lucia kitet, allt som ingår syns inte på bilden, jag har gjort flera versioner av wordarten och ramarna. Jag önskar er alla en trevlig Lucia helg:)
For all of you that are new to "Lucia", you can read about St Lucy here. We're celebrating her tomorrow, Saturday the 13th of December, with gingersnaps and saffron buns and a lot of beautiful traditional Lucia songs. She lights up December for us, it's so dark right now here in Sweden.
You can download here. Have a great weekend:)

Friday, December 5, 2008

New glitter swirls and a little freebie...

Finally Friday and a new product in the shoppe, a pack of glitter swirls this time. I've been working in Illustrator for a little while now and made some swirls there, and a flower overlay. As it's almost Christmas I thought a little bit of glitter would be fun...
You can find it here at twolittlepixels.
Don't forget that you can change to US $ or to European € even though the default currency is AUS $...

And here's a little something for all my loyal blog-readers, a glitter freebie (3 glitter frames and 1 paper) you can download here.
Have a GREAT weekend:)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Sale!

It's Black Friday and twolittlepixels is having a big sale! So come and have a look, and don't forget to visit Sharon's blog Artistic Musings for a look on the new products of this week, some gorgeous stuff I promise:) And perhaps a freebie also?

From now on you can also choose among three currencies, AUS $, US$ and European €.... Ah, why are we still using Swedish Kronor over here, we've lost a lot on that since the financial crisis began. I want EURO! LOL...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Making photos look old in Photoshop...

This is a photo from my vacation this summer, some old fisherman's cabins by the sea. I wanted to make an old-looking sepia photo of it and found a very interesting tutorial in a Swedish magazine that I partly used, the result is below. I'm not especially good at making tutorials but I will have a try here to describe how I made this.

There are of course many ways to do this in Photoshop so this is just one way, where you concentrate on the dark areas in the photo.

At first I made the photo black & white, in my case I used the green filter preset in Photoshop CS3. (You can click on the screenshots to have a better look at them.)

Then I clicked on the channels folder in the layers palette, as you can see on the screenshot below . Press Ctrl and click with the mouse on the RGB thumbnail at the same time, (by the red arrow at the screenshot below) There will now be marching ants around all the light areas of the photo.

But it's the dark areas we want to work with, so go to select in the menu and choose inverse (or Shift+Ctrl+I). Now the dark areas are selected.

Go down to the layers palette again and create a new fill layer, choose solid color.

You can now choose a color of your liking, I chose a brown tone as you can see.

It looks a bit funny now, but choose a blending mode, multiply or overlay work well.
I choose multiply here and kept the opacity 100%, but you can decrease it if you want.

Then I opened a texture and placed it over the photo. There are a lot of free textures you can download on the Webb. Test different blending modes, like overlay which I used here, and change the opacity until you are pleased with the result.

Well, that's it:)

Friday, November 21, 2008

At the beach...

I've been playing all day with [ksharonkdesigns] new "Beach Play Kit". You can find it here.
It's Friday again and twolittlepixels got some new goodies in the shoppe, we've got a new designer too, the famous Leiko Beck, yes it's true!!! She's got a new gorgeous alpha in the shoppe... And Creashens got a new awesome Christmas kit, in lovely pastel colors. There are so many new products every week now it's best you have a look yourself in the shoppe, we're 10 designers at the moment!

Sharon's kit is so fun to play with, it may be winter up here in the north but I've got some photo's from this summer that I wanted to scrap for a Christmas gift I'm doing for my sister, so I hope she doesn't read my blog, lol.

Credits: Everything from the new kit "Beach Play" by [ksharonkdesigns] at except the staples, from the kit Something Springy by Anna Aspnes, (the kit is still a freebie at Shutterfly's blog). Fonts: Century Gothic and Rage Italic LET.

This week went by so fast, sort of surprise that it's already Friday. At the moment it's snowing outside (despite all the talk of summer and play at the beach, lol) and in a while my nephew's will come and we've decided that we're going to bake ginger snaps, can it be more christmassy? I know, it's only November, but we're longing for Christmas:)
Have a great weekend!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday, and a new Doodle Pack...

Finally Friday and this week I've got a new doodle pack; Sleepy Doodles, in the shoppe at twolittlepixels. You can find it here....

Don't forget that you can change the currency from AUS $ to US $ in the shoppe!

All 12 doodles are hand drawn and hand painted by me. And if you like the background paper, you can download it from my blog, look below "My freebies", Lucia kit. I made it last year, but I thought it looked good with my new doodles, a typical Swedish winter sky, lol.

Twolittlepixels creative team has been playing with these, have a look at these stunning pages...

Layout by Suzanne, Kaitlyn.

Layout by Jodie, A little peek.

Layout by Alissa, Little fingers.

So much has been happening these last few weeks at twolittlepixels, 3 new designers joined last week, Emily Giovanni, Pure Scrap and Natasha NaSt Designs. And this week Click Photo Designs by Lien and Opal Scraps.

Jump over to Sharon's blog, Artistic Musings, to have a look at all the new exciting stuff from these designers. and as it's Friday Sharon has a gorgeous freebie too. Hurry over and grab it before it's to late. But STOP, I almost forgot to tell you about our new open gallery, where YOU can show your own beautiful pages with designs from twolittlepixels. We would love to see how you use it!

Have a great weekend:)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Vintage Minikit Freebie...

I've had this little vintagekit laying on my harddisk for a long time now, I made it for some of my own family photos from the 20:ies. But perhaps there is someone who it can be useful for, so if you want it you can download here.

Below is one layout I made using it.

Credits: Layout template by Micheline Martin (blogfreebie, no longer available) paper and elements from my vintage minikit. Font: Isla Bella (

Friday, October 31, 2008

Celebrate with us, a free Collab kit and more...

Come celebrate with us at twolittlepixels! There's a huge collab freebie kit (over 100 MB) and all our products are 30% off. Sharon has got a awesome grab bag and our guest designer Syrin has some fabulous stitches, don't forget to check out Creashen's new birthday kit also, its beautiful...

And of course the creative team have also been busy, lots of great layouts to get inspiration from. So what are you waiting for?

Have a great weekend:)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Twolittlepixels!

Can you believe it? Twolittlepixels is turning 1! And it's going to be a great celebration!
One week sale, 30% off... and a fantastic freebie collab kit... and Sharon have a huge grab bag you really shouldn't miss ... and we have a secret guest designer...
I think I lost my breath there, what a sentence!
Check out Sharon's blog Artistic Musings on Friday and join the celebration:)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Designer Call...

Just a short note...

If you're an established or beginner designer here is your chance... so don't hesitate, send Sharon an email and tell her about yourself, twolittlepixels is a great place to be.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Watercolor Photo Mats and a Freebie...

So it's Friday again and I have a new product in the shoppe at twolittlepixels. This time it's a pack of 7 watercolor photo mats for your photos, a bit crumpled and tattered by me (yeah, that part was fun, lol). You can find them here.

Our creative team have done some beautiful layouts with these...

[layout by Jodie, credits here]

[layout by Lynn, credits here]

And Sharon has been really busy, she's got three new products this Friday!!! First this one; Small packages - Frames 8, so beautiful and she's done all the work for you, so easy to use... You can find this package here.

And here's Just the Basics Quick Album, you can find it here...

And some great papers too, Paper Essentials - Sacha, you can find them here...

And then finally, a little freebie... As you may know, I have breast cancer and struggle with chemotherapy, some days it's really tough. But on the other hand, I've never appreciated life the way I do now! So I still have really good days too...

This month, October, you can support Breast cancer awareness and buy pink ribbons, I think this is the case all over the world. Here in Sweden there's a lot of different ways to support it... And if you know someone with breast cancer, a friend or a relative, you can perhaps give them some of your time... Sometimes people avoid sick persons just because they don't know how to behave, or what to say. That's sad...

You can download this freebie here, have a great weekend:)

(The painted background is a png-file and it's black when you open your download but it can easily be recolored, in Photoshop by using Color Overlay, one of the layer styles in the layer menu, you can also find it by clicking on fx below the layers. In PSE I think you use Hue/Saturation in the layer menu. Something similar in other programmes. I you want it to be white as in the preview you can use Invert. Naturally you can also make a brush out of it too.)

Monday, October 6, 2008

A Beautiful Autumn Wedding...

Credits: Paper from Downunder Minikit (freebie), stitching's and ribbon from Fresh kit by [ksharonkdesigns] at Word Art from kit Fallback by Creashens at Leaf doodles from A Walk in the Woods Doodles by Angelica E. also at Font: 1942.

My cousin got married this Saturday and it was such a beautiful wedding that I wanted to share the photos with you. It was a double wedding, two couples, the grooms are brothers. And my cousins oldest daughter, Olivia, is blowing bubbles in the photo as you can see, actually we were all doing that, quite fun... so no rice to throw.

My cousins youngest, Elsa, looked so tired, it must have been all the action in the church I guess.

Credits: Paper from Downunder mini kit (freebie) by [ksharonkdesigns].

Elsa thought the wedding ceremony was rather boring so she made a thorough investigation of the church instead, made a big candle fall with a crash and made us all laugh. So it was definitely not a stiff wedding:)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Time for September newsletter and freebies...

It's already the end of September and time for the monthly newsletter from twolittlepixels. And there some goodies there FOR YOU... 3 freebies, from me and [ksharonkdesigns] and Creashens. You can find the newsletter at Sharon's blog, Artistic Musings.

And there's some new, fresh products too; I've got a new doodle pack, it's small but costs only 1.50 AUS $! Could be great for those late summer photos...

And Sharon has something really FRESH for you, Fresh kit... so gorgeous colors...

And Creashen's new kit is packed with charming papers and elements, even an alpha with Scandinavian letters, isn't that great!!!

And there's also a great tutorial by Sharon, about how to edit your photos in Photoshop. Don't forget to check this out, I've tested it and it made such a difference on my photos!!!

If you want some inspiration, check out our gallery at twolittlepixels, our creative team have a lot of great pages to show you there.

Wish you all a relaxing weekend, with lots of time with your families:)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Okay, why am I doing this?

Me in 1964, talk about bad eyesight...

Are you just like me, doing a lot of unnecessary things when you really should be doing something else, but you're just not up to it? Well, I got stuck at yearbookyourself and had so much fun, you can yearbookyourself from 1950 until 2000. I had to test my DH too, he wasn't that enthusiastic though, hahaha...
Another site for those with time is Wordle. You can make really fun word combinations in different colors and shapes. AND use it for scrapbook pages.
Now I HAVE TO do something else, no more games for me...
Have a good time:)

Friday, September 19, 2008

What a grab bag!

So, did you buy Sharon's [ksharonkdesigns] huge grab bag at Well if you didn't, it's too late now... She's revealed it on her blog, Artistic Musings, today and let me tell you, it was loaded with goodies.... My personal favourite is this paper pack; Paper Essentials - Tattered. Just look at these gorgeous papers, awesome!

And have you seen Creashens new kit, Afternoon Cha? It's full of beautiful and charming papers and elements, so much to play with here. You don't have to be an avid tea drinker like me to appreciate this kit, it can be used to a lot of different kind of photos. All this can be found at

I couldn't resist playing with all these goodies, so here's two layouts I did with them. The first one I made an English version of, otherwise I scrap in my own language, Swedish, of course.

I love autumn, for me it's like in my layout, a time for stillness and reflection. Long walks in the woods, it's so quiet and peaceful at this time of the year. You need those moments of reflection, and afterwards a nice cup of tea, lol... And when it's raining and blowing it's so cosy to light a candle and sit down in you favourite armchair, reading a good book. In Sweden it gets really dark outside these days, in December it will only be a couple of hours a day of daylight. Ugh, that's not so nice actually, rather depressing, that's why we love candles so much...

For credits look here.

My tea drinking mom got a layout also, she loved that tea cup at a cafe we visited this summer.

Credits: By Creashens at; Paper, frames, stitching, butterfly, circular brush and teabag tag from Afternoon Cha. By [ksharonkdesigns] also at; paper from Paper Essential - Shadowed. Overlay from Worn Photo Overlays, set 2 by SomethingBlueStudios at Fonts; 1942 and ChesterfieldAntD.

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Walk in the Woods....

This week I have a new doodle pack in the 2lp shoppe with a autumn theme.... it's called "A Walk in the Woods". You can find it here.

At this time of the year many swedes are out in the woods picking mushrooms, mostly chanterelles (we love those yellow ones) but also a lot of other kinds of mushrooms like cep for instance, we call it Karl Johan mushroom though. It's a great family outing for the weekend, kids love to play in the woods and are so proud when they find some "gold" (chanterelles). And fried mushrooms are delicious...

Most families fill their rucksacks with sandwiches, coffee and hot chocolate and I promise you that it tastes wonderful after a couple of hours in the woods (forest?). We got something called "allemansrätt" in Sweden which means you have the right to go anywhere you like even if someone else owns the land, but not in private gardens of course, and you have the right to pick berries and mushrooms and other things that nature offer but you also got obligations, not to cause any damage on nature or hurt the wild creatures that live there.

So this was the inspiration for the doodle pack...

Our creative team at 2lp have made some great pages with the doodles....

This is by Carol

This is by Suzanne

You have to check out Sharon's [ksharonkdesigns] huge grab bag too. It's packed with goodies, over 200 MB for 3 $!!!!! It's only up for a week so grab this one quickly. At Sharon's blog, Artistic Musings, you can also find a beautiful freebie. So what are you waiting for...

I wish you all a GREAT weekend:)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My 50th blog post...

See full credits here

I just noticed that this is my 50th blog post. Already?
Well, lately I've been busy with so many other things and that dreadful cold I wrote about in my last post has disrupted all my planning. So now I have to excuse myself to a couple of people... I'm so sorry you have had to wait for this.

I begin with Ruth, she made the beautiful layout above with my Summer Doodles v.2, you can find them as a freebie here on my blog. You can visit her blog here.

Then there's Kerrandda, who's made the fun layout below. She's used my "White painted alpha" in the title work (You can buy them at twolittlepixels).

See full credits here

And then I got this award from Doris in Austria, thank you so much Doris! I feel so honoured and happy that you like my blog... Please, go and visit her, she's got some beautiful freebies over at her blog, many more than I have actually.

According to the rules of this award I should choose 7 new people to be awarded but you know how I feel about choosing, its just to hard for me. But I will answer the questions... (Although I've answered them a while ago when I got this award the first time. I have to find new answers this time:)

Ten years ago: I got engaged at Christmas eve that year. A memorable moment...

Five things in today's "to do"-list: Well, make myself lunch, do some painting and drawing, have a walk in the sun (its beautiful weather today), prepare the weekly shopping list (DH wants to go shopping today) and yes if I get the time I want to surf around a bit. Hm, nothing exciting really, huh...

Snacks I enjoy: Um, when I answered this the last time it became a whole novel, so it will be short today; vegetables in different forms, salads and cashew nuts.

Places where I've lived: Only in Sweden...

I got an award from Mel in South Africa too. So sweet of you Mel!

She also got a lot of great freebies on her blog and she's just begun selling her designs... I'm so happy for her. Thank you so much Mel for this award, this is the second I get from you. You're a very generous gal...

Oh, I sincerely hope that I haven't forgotten anything now... Hugs to you all:)